Moodboard: Wicked Ways

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's our turn to host the Halloween party, and this year should be nefarious to say the least for the motif is "Disney Villains." I was a large proponent for an "Internet Memes" theme but it's hard not to get on board with a good animated asshole, am I right? In honor of the event, I thought I would throw together a fun little moodboard to keep in mind for the event. With their vibrant dispositions yet cruel intentions, I thought we should keep things colorful with a punch of punk rock...because heroes are boring and evil is so much more fun. Muahahaha!

Kate Tessera Creative Rebrand

Thursday, October 9, 2014

As some of you may have noticed, recently my portfolio site went under some major renovations. Seems like it was nearly half a year ago since this grand plan was devised...oh wait, it was; but as many of you know, the hardest projects to implement are those for yourself and this was certainly no exception...

Determined to flush out all student work from the site, it was time to determine the creative direction of the brand. Originally I was emphasizing my hand lettering services. The slider images were lettering, project thumbnails were photos of the lettering, even my personal logo was hand lettered. The site was almost entirely reskinned when I realized...I'm capable of so much more, and DO so much more. Lettering is just a small part of how I express myself creatively and I just couldn't see myself doing only that for here on out. I decided to take break, clear my head, and focus on another passion project I have underway. It was only about a month ago that Kate Tessera Creative began to take shape.

Maps and atlases have always been a major influence on my aesthetic. The fine lines, weathered colors, and stories they tell inspire me and can be found all over studio, home illustrations and sketchbooks. When I first moved to Cleveland, I stumbled upon this old image of the shoreline and for some reason or another, held onto it for years. "This is a new chapter," I thought, new people, new places, new career, and I'm so excited to see what road it leads me down. Since, this image has played an integral role in the development of my personal brand.

 "Kate Colors" they've been called. When designing for others I have no problem imaging and understanding the full potential of their brand and exploring new colors and design territories that deem appropriate. However, when left to my own devices...things just come up, well, a little "baby." Apparently I am a large fan of muted pastels and while I tried to investigate alternative palettes for KTC, eventually I found myself asking "why?" If these are the colors I'm drawn to, there is no use in deviating from my natural tastes and style. I chose several shades for the primary palette, including the sea foam shade from my past brand, and the other colors simply seemed to follow suit.

I'm still in the process of the switching a few things over and the blog has certainly taken a bit of a backseat in this process but stay tuned and I should be back to a regular schedule soon. Feel free to peruse around, comment with feedback or suggestions, and as always, thank you so much for stopping by!

You can read more about this rebranding here and here, oh and you're welcome Pamela Brooks. ;)

Guest Post on Cardstore: Pumpkin Painting DIY

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm making a colorful appearance on the Cardstore blog this week! Check it out for a low cost, low mess alternative to pumpkin carving this season!

Maryland Bachelor/ette Weekend

Friday, October 3, 2014

A few weeks ago we joined our friends in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland in celebration of David and Courtney’s pending nuptials. The cabin comfortably slept 26, the lake uncomfortably engaged zero (too cold), but we made sure to make a splash in just about every other way we could!

These past few months I've had the privileged to collaborate with David and Courtney on all their ceremony collateral. We had their hand-lettered names from the invitations screened onto beer koozies as a keep sake for party attendees. The weekend details were printed on the back.

My friend Jason and I dubbed as the trip's dueling photographers. Jason always manages to take full advantage of his afternoons behind the lens, encouraging me to do the same by planning little side excursions and chasing down the ideal lighting. It was a bit of a muggy weekend but any mildly decent shots I got are thanks in large part to this guy.

Our last evening on the lake was a luau. Jaron and I are pretty much incapable of taking a normal photo together, let alone when "leid" and laced in Hawaiian shirts.

And finally the groom with best men bookends. It was the perfect bash before the two take the big plunge! I'll be sharing the invitations and supporting accoutrement soon.

In the Wilds of the Web 5

Friday, September 26, 2014

So I recently realized that I cannot recall the last time I made one of these posts, and that it was high time I changed that. 

This inked goddess is Giulietta Carrelli, badass founder of our "place" this morning, Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club in San Francisco. I would begin to tell you her heartbreaking yet profoundly inspiring story but I certainly couldn't come close to doing it any justice. I encourage you to trace her eclectic journey here or if you're not much of a reader, listen to the story of "Trouble" here in Act 3 of This American Life.

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co constantly keeps me fawning over their entire product line. Lately I've been jonesing these industrial Radar Sconces. I would like one in every color in every room of my apartment.

Finally, I found this furry football fan all too cute and all too appropriate for this fall season not to share! Check him out and other cute critters right here.

All "Wild" finds are curated from Kate Tessera pin boards.

Welshly Arms

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It was a rockin' few weeks in Cleveland as my friends, Welshly Arms, brought down the field at the Cleveland Indians Rock N' Blast and stole the House of Blues. In honor of the group's appearance on the field, we thought we'd throw a curve on the traditional merch and swing it old school with vintage baseball pennants for all!

It was an incredibly enthralling month for the city. King James had announced his return, Cleveland was hosting Gay Games 9, and summer did not disappoint with events, music, and shows each night. I thought a tagline could help encompass all the excitement looming about the downtown streets. "Work hard" served as sort of a nod to the (then) recently released LeBron statement, "play hard" paid homage to the baseball season and summer night life, and "rock hard" of course honored the band and its city.

It's always a great time working with these guys and even better to watch and listen. Check out Welshly Arms' recent single here!

Moodboard: Modern Nautical

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Waters have been a little rough around here lately--literally and figuratively. Storms have been rolling in over the lake and I'm currently in the process of re-branding my portfolio site, a tedious task no creative looks forward to. I tend to find that designers are perfectionists by nature and I'm certainly no exception. Thankfully, when matters get too heavy on the personal project, I always have client work to take my mind off it.

Today I'm sharing a moodboard for a recent project I've been working on. This one is for the premiere seafood seller in Cleveland, located in the historical West Side Market. There's something sentimental about the fishing trade, full of nostalgia and character. The practice dates back nearly 40,000 years and hasn't drastically changed much since. We wanted to highlight this history with a somewhat modern twist on the classic nautical aesthetic--integrating tools of the craft and iconography one may see in old marinas or small harbors. More to come on this project soon!

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