A Prehistoric Birthday Bash

Friday, July 11, 2014

Today I'm sharing a few little moments from a little party for a little man. This past weekend, Jaron's nephew turned the ripe age of one. In celebration of his new year, his mama thought it was only appropriate to throw it back a couple thousand centuries with a dinosaur-themed bash. Above is the invitation I created for the affair and below are a few snap shots of the wild guests on the prowl.

Ready to ride! The birthday boy basking in the glow of his brand new "motor" bike. Soon he'll be dino-soarin' through the jungle. (...yeah sorry about that last one.)

Cretaceous cutie...er, I mean she's terrifying! Don't get too close, you might lose a finger!

Just a taste to start, but then he just went for it with a carnivorous bite right out of the middle! Who has time for these spoons and things when you have a face? I respect his perseverance because by the end of the day, that cake was extinct!


  1. This is the cutest, such a creative idea! Loving the cards!
    xo TJ


    1. Awe, I appreciate it TJ! Wishing you the best this summer! ;)

  2. wow such a great post! So sweet and happy pics! I love all of them! so so cute!
    xx cvety
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    1. Thank you Cvety! Quite sweet literally and figuratively! ;)


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